Olives and olive oil of Halkidiki.

Olives and olive oil are the most popular local products of Halkidiki. Olive oil is an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and it is used extensively in many Greek dishes. Green olives are always perfect as a side dish in many meals and stand out for their taste due to the morphology of the soil of the area. Halkidiki is also well known as the mother of beekeeping. The famous honey of Agia Paraskevi is one of the best in Greece, it is very nutritious and worth a try.



Fish, cheese, wine and more Halkidiki products.

Other traditional products of halkidiki are cheese and goat's milk, which stand out for their high nutritional value. Of course we have to mention the fresh fish. The fishermen of each area fish daily fresh seafood and fish that can be purchased at the local stores or you can enjoy them at local taverns and restaurants. Additionaly, some of the finest wine varieties are found in Halkidiki. Indeed, Greece's largest vineyard is in the Porto Carras area. All of the products above are perfectly combined with ouzo and tsipouro, which are also traditional products of Halkidiki. Tsiros, squid, octopus and mussels are some of the most popular appetizers that you will love with your ouzo or tsipouro. Find more information about traditional products of Halkidiki here:  



Festivals & Feasts of Halkidiki

In Halkidiki, there are also many feasts and festivals that are aimed to promote traditional products, such as the Sardine Festival in Nea Moudania, the Tsipouro Festival held every year in Nea Fokaia, the Honey Festival in Fourka and more. If you are interested in gastronomic tourism it is definitely worth attending such events, as you can enjoy traditional music and unique flavors. In Halkidiki, the Asia Minor cuisine meet the island cuisine and the mountainous cuisine, and in combination with the excellent quality of raw materials, they create tasty dishes. Some of the most popular of these, are The pie with goat cheese, wild greens and spinach pie,  Mount Athos aubergine salad, Kassandrino easter goat, etc.



There are also many traditional fish taverns where you can taste special and unique flavors. If you are interested in visiting some of the best restaurants in Halkidiki, you can find the best options here: Throughout Halkidiki there are many taverns and restaurants where you can taste some of these dishes. Many of these businesses have been recognized and awarded for their quality dishes. These were some of our suggestions on gastronomy in the Halkidiki region. We hope you find this guide useful and enjoy unique dishes.